Yuwei Technology

10 years R & D design experience, the industry intelligent hardware and software development.

    Yuwei Technology is a company engaged in intelligent hardware and software development, hardware custom R & D, software custom development and implementation of high-tech enterprises. Has 20 years engaged in intelligent hardware and software research and development team, with strong technical development strength, all-round to meet the different needs of enterprises and units. Yuwei Technology has more than 10 years of market experience, different industries for different stages of different stages of the development of different solutions, our project team can try to more accurate to identify the specific needs of customers tailored for your business really Meet the actual needs of the solution.

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    Yuwei Technology is a professional mobiles Internet technology solution provider in China. Yuwei Technology to the international perspective, in the Internet + wave, help enterprises to achieve the dream of Internet transformation! Professional technical team, with years of development technology accumulation, for your well forging each project.

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